Cloud Connectivity

Cloud Connectivity

Dedicated and Secure Cloud Connectivity

inq Cloud Connectivity Solution offers dedicated and secure connectivity to major public cloud providers such as AWS/GCP/Microsoft. Powered by inq Cloud Platform it allows enterprises to order, manage and monitor connectivity to their preferred cloud provider. The connectivity is based on dedicated bandwidth and SLA’s thereby ensuring lower latency than using generic Internet.

Enterprise grade connectivity

Providing high speed fixed bandwidth secure connectivity.

Dedicated Bandwidth and SLA

Connect to your branches seamlessly with dedicated bandwidth and SLA.

24*7 Monitoring and Support

Fast and seamless setup with 24hrs proactive monitoring and support.

Connect Seamlessly to Major Public Cloud Providers

On-Demand connectivity to major Public Cloud providers.

Benefits of inq’s Cloud Connectivity Solution

ESymmetrical Speeds

Both upload and download speeds (SYMMETRICAL SPEEDS) are guaranteed, you do not get less upload than download as is the case with cheaper services.

Online Security

Security of all your online activity via our online security system

Redundant International Capacity

Automatic Prioritization on our multiple International routes when outages on these routes occur. Meaning that should a Fibre outage occur outside the country which we have no control over, your service and speeds will not be affected.


Bandwidth prioritization works in conjunction with redundant international capacity. All traffic on your service is prioritized over other services when there are International fibre outages. Also includes prioritized escalation matrix.


SLA driven with focus on latency, bandwidth and uptime.

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