Managed Services

Managed Services

Let us manage your network end-to-end, providing you with a single source of simple, worry-free solutions for your business, while freeing up your in-house IT resources for business-critical assignments. Our managed services are fixed solutions that offer uninterrupted and dedicated connectivity, giving you access to all your enterprise solutions, while keeping you in control of your business infrastructure.


Our Managed Services include:

International Private Leased Line

This is a dedicated private circuit for your business, connecting you to any location in the world and ensuring that your business runs seamlessly across borders.

Our private leased line is capable of delivering data rates in multiples of STMx with proactive monitoring and full customer control.

National Private Leased Line

Our dedicated national private circuit is ideal for businesses wanting to fully manage their own IT infrastructure within national boundaries.

Capable of delivering data rates in multiples of STMx, businesses can trust us to deliver inter-state connectivity bandwidths at competitive rates with full network redundancies and high availabilities.

Metro Private Leased Line

Our fully redundant metro infrastructure provides very good business support infrastructure for businesses that have to connect with other branches or partner businesses within the same metro.

IT managers can fully depend on the reliability and security of this service and base their IT support requirements and business competitive advantage on this.

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