High speed, cost-effective internet service

Lagos-Metro internet service is a high-speed intracity solution which provides customers within Lagos very high data rates using an alternative medium to fiber.

This service is suitable for enterprises in the Oil & Gas sectors as well as banks who require a backhaul to their Disaster Recovery Centers, an interconnection with switching and clearing houses or their Contact center. It is also ideal for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who need a POP to POP connection. With the Lagos-Metro internet service, customers within Lagos are guaranteed a high capacity bandwidth with the speed and reliability they need to manage their businesses and communicate without barriers.



This is a high speed, cost-effective internet service designed to cater to the needs of businesses like religious bodies, hotels and ISPs operating outside normal business hours.

No matter your business requirements and location, you are guaranteed of high service level availabilities and bandwidths that are easily scalable as your business demand grows.
– Provides customer a cost-effective internet plan
– Low monthly recurring charges compared to a 24X7 internet service
– It is automated
– Has the capacity to meet demand.

Our Benefits:

Constant availability

Seamless upgrades

Speedy deployments

Reliable service with 98% availability

24×7 online support

Enjoy competitive pricing

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