Helping HRG Nigeria take off in Africa

Our AirLink™ solutions revolutionized the way in which HRG works and extended their online reservation system to clients.

HRG Nigeria is a travel management company and a member of the Hogg Robinson Group. It specializes in corporate travel, events and meeting management and sports and expense management for high profile corporate customers.

They rely heavily on Internet connectivity to process real-time travel requirements, manage booking reservations and ticketing and to provide continuous access to the reservation portal. In a time-critical business environment such as travel management, the value of having round-the-clock connectivity throughout the year is vital.

We began working with HRG in April 2010. Our AirLink™ has revolutionized the way HRG works and extends their online reservation system to their clients. Now they can log directly on to the online portal any time and make reservations for hotels and flights.

HRG staff can retrieve the data easily and attend to the requests promptly. The service is ’always-on’ and total reliability with zero downtime is safeguarded by inq. Digital Nigeria’s proven connectivity backup solutions.

inq. Digital Nigeria continues to be a fundamental part of the HRG offering, as we provide 24/7 support through the award-winning Gateway customer services team – ensuring that on the ground support is on hand when needed.

“The fast-paced nature of the corporate travel business teamed with the high profile of our valued customers means the need for speed and reliability of service is paramount. inq. Digital Nigeria AirLinkTM guarantees this for us. The 24/7 accessibility and support offered means the future possibilities for our clients and staff are endless.”

Lola AdefopeManaging Director, Business Travel Management Limited

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